Movie Review


I don't remember much about Pitch Perfect 2, and this sequel is not going to make a lasting impression on me either.

The Bellas have graduated from college and moved on with new lives - or so they think. When an opportunity arises for the singing group to go on an overseas United Service Organizations tour, the trip shows how much the women are still clinging onto their glorious past.

Now, the Bellas are no longer in the a cappella music world but one that focuses on instruments and original compositions.

Pitch Perfect 3 would have worked better if they kept the plot simple and stayed true to what made the first two movies box-office hits - performing great a cappella versions of songs.

Unfortunately, it takes a sharp detour and goes down the action route, which ends up misfiring.

What saves this from being truly bad is the rapport the stars share. While Anna Kendrick and new addition John Lithgow are serviceable, Rebel Wilson should think about stopping her crass girl shtick.

Producer Elizabeth Banks and the actresses themselves have to seriously take heed of the film's theme - it is time to move on. 

Rating: 2/5


Inspired by the original 1995 fantasy adventure Jumanji, this Jake Kasdan-directed standalone sequel sees four high school students enter dangerous jungles when sucked into a video game.

It is the body-swapping between the teen players and the game's avatars that makes the movie entertaining and relatable.

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan play against type to create comedic conflict not just among but within themselves.

But it is Jack Black as popular girl Bethany who steals the show and incites the most laughs.

Albeit sidelined to a comic relief role, Black nails the superficial white girl tropes and his Bethany undergoes much character progression.

The film's flaw is its generic and dull villain, who is evil simply because the writers need him to be.

Thankfully, he gets little screen time. Any more and it would have overwhelmed the fun. - SAMFREY TAN

Rating: 3.5/5