Movie Review: Hardcore Henry (R21)

If you are into first-person shooters, this is for you.

But if you get motion sickness from shaky-camera-type flicks, avoid this.

Hardcore Henry has been lauded as being a ground-breaking film for shooting everything from the titular character's point of view. We are his eyes and all we can see are Henry's limbs and the many weapons he uses.

We learn that Henry, after a brutal beating, is resurrected by wife Estelle (Haley Bennett) and is transformed into a cyborg.

Suddenly, Russian thugs capture Estelle and Henry is off to rescue her.

Sharlto Copley's various weird characters only add to the senseless story.

The movie also contains violence that is nauseating enough on its own.

Russian writer-director Ilya Naishuller clearly is a gamer, but not all of us want to see a real-world video game writ large.

If this is the future of action flicks, we are doomed.

Verdict: 1/5