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Based on a graphic novel of the same name, this fantasy drama tracks the adventures of teenager Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe), who escapes the realities of being a social outcast and having a dysfunctional family by protecting her hometown from giants.

With the help of her new friend Sophia (Sydney Wade) and therapist (Zoe Saldana), Barbara learns to face her fears of the unknown future.

Oscar-winning director Anders Walter skilfully handles sensitive themes while balancing reality and fantasy.

The attention to detail, from a bloody homemade cocktail that acts as giant bait to elaborate forest traps, provides intimate insight into how Barbara has become deeply entrenched in her magical world.

Though I Kill Giants gets dull at times, Wolfe's stunning performance captivates as she brings Barbara's brave and difficult yet lovable personality to life while accentuating her complex psychological struggles.

For more sensitive viewers, the sentimental overtones and heartfelt ending will lead to tears. - ANG TIAN TIAN

Rating: 3/5


Producer Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions is synonymous with low-budget horror films - such as the Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Purge movies as well as the Oscar-winning Get Out - that are hits with horror fans.

Its latest offering - starring TV stars Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and Violett Beane (The Flash) - definitely does not fall into that category, and I cannot stomach scary movies.

Truth Or Dare feels more like a Final Destination-type thriller. The premise is rather similar too, where pretty young things take turns to die in gruesome fashion.

Good girl Olivia (Hale) is persuaded by childhood friend Markie (Beane) and four other college housemates to go to Mexico for spring break.

On their last night, the group play a seemingly innocent game of truth or dare on a ruined monastery on a hill.

But things turns deadly when one of them tells a lie or refuses the dare. What ensues is their attempts to change their fates.

The direction is rather messy and you never once connect with the pleasant-looking leads. When death comes knocking, there is no feel of any imminent danger. - JOANNE SOH

Rating: 1.5/5