Movie reviews: Cold Pursuit, A Dog's Way Home


This action thriller welcomes you to the fictional ski town of Kehoe, where crime is at a low.

But the peace is shattered when the son of a snowplough driver (Liam Neeson) is killed at the order of a drug lord (Tom Bateman).

His attempt at dismantling the cartel - armed with an understanding of murder based on a crime novel and some heavy machinery - unwittingly sets off a kidnapping, deadly misunderstandings and a turf war.

Neeson plays the tormented father to a tee, but moviegoers may feel that the retribution trope has been done to death by him in the Taken franchise.

Bateman's performance is captivating, sharing that sinister yet charismatic similarity to the late Heath Ledger's Joker.

With the clever use of dark humour and good casting, Cold Pursuit is an entertaining and compelling take on your good old revenge story. - JASMINE LIM


A missing dog Bella (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard) travels over 600km through the Colorado wilderness in search of her loving owner in this feel-good family-friendly adventure.

"A lot can happen between lost and found" is the tagline for A Dog's Way Home, referencing the titular journey that takes place. Unfortunately, nothing of great significance truly happens in that interval.

There is no great epiphany; just a series of tedious, repetitive depictions of Bella yearning for family.

While little ones will find the furry protagonist cute and personable and are likely to lap up the movie's heartwarming lessons through the innocent, child-like lens of Bella, that charm may be lost on a more mature audience. - JASMINE LIM