War veteran comedy-drama Last Flag Flying speaks to modern America

Last Flag Flying, a comedy-drama about Vietnam war veterans, will resonate with President Donald Trump's America despite, or perhaps because of, its period setting, US actor Bryan Cranston said at the London Film Festival last October.

Set in the US in December 2003 - when US forces in Iraq were dragging Saddam Hussein out of a "spider hole" - it is the story of three ageing former servicemen who reunite to bury the son of one of them who had been killed in action.

Last Flag Flying was produced by Amazon Studios and directed and co-written by Richard Linklater, whose greatest critical acclaim has been for the naturalistic Before Sunset trilogy and 2014's Boyhood, which won a slew of Oscar nominations.

Cranston said Last Flag Flying, which opens here tomorrow, is a timely reminder of the effect of ill-advised military campaigns on normal Americans.

"It has a lot of relevance today in the sense that (now) it is not clear-cut as far as the intentions of the government or military (are concerned)," Cranston added.

"In World War II, it was the 'good war', it was clear and present danger, we had to stop that madman. Since then, with Vietnam and Iraq, (there are) a lot of questions... among the troops and the citizens as to if we are doing the right thing and what is the purpose of being there." - REUTERS