Win :CHOCOOLATE | Captain America: Civil War goodies

Have you made your stand? Are you on Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

:CHOCOOLATE | CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR outlines the leaders of both camps --  Captain America and Ironman -- with a black, white and grey palette on T-shirts. Selected T-shirts are adorned with "Civil War" logo as a nod to the aesthetic tradition of the brand and a fashion statement of minimalism.

As a leader of street fashion, :CHOCOOLATE, as always, launches a crossover collection comprised of apparel and accessories. The latter include monochromic cushion and foldable shopping bag with the print of Captain America and Ironman. The vibrant design of the collection will suit the tastes of fashion and Captain America fans.

We have five sets of :CHOCOOLATE goodies to be won, courtesy of :CHOCOOLATE. Each set, worth $98.90) includes a black T-shirt (size M) and a foldable tote bag 

To win, answer the question below. Indicate too if you are a TNP SuperKaki for extra chances to win.

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