Win Equals gala premiere tickets

Equals tells the story of Silas (Nicholas Hoult) who lives in a future society called The Collective. The inhabitants of this modern world are a new breed of humans called Equals, who are peaceful, calm, fair, and polite. Life in The Collective is perfect -- there is no greed, no poverty, no violence, and no emotion.

But a new disease -- SOS, or Switched-On-Syndrome -- is threatening everyone, and when activated, its victims start to experience depression, sensitivity, fear, and love.

When Silas is infected, he becomes an outcast, but he notices one person who seems to understand what he’s going through. 

Nia (Kristen Stewart) has feelings, but she seems to be able to hide them. When he confronts her, they discover a connection that eclipses everything. They feel love and intimacy for the first time in their lives, but the only way for them to insure their survival is to escape. 

We have 10 pairs of premiere screening of Equals to giveaway, courtesy of Shaw Organisation.

The screening is on May 25, at 7pm at Shaw Theatres Lido.

Rated NC16, Equals opens here May 26.

To win, answer the question below. Indicate too if you are a TNP SuperKaki for extra chances to win.

The contest is now closed. Thank you for participating.




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