Ariana Grande a diva? Reports say she was 'nightmare' during cancer fundraiser

Apparently Ariana Grande is really focusing on the "diva" part of being a pop diva. 

A report from UK paper Daily Star suggests the 21-year-old US singer may be getting too big for her boots

At recent televised fundraiser Stand Up For Cancer, she was "consistently late", "demanded to be shot only on her left side" and "shouted at crew members for staring at her", according to the report. 

And apparently, she told someone off for mentioning Mariah Carey's name in her presence.

Well, well! 

'Total nightmare'

A source called her a "total nightmare" who "kept everyone waiting" while other stars - including bonafide A-listers Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Robert Downey Jr - "did their thing".

“We’ve been on set with Lady Gaga, Madonna and Mariah, but combined they aren’t as rude as she was," added the source. 

Grande was on hand to perform the song My Everything, off her recently released second album of the same name. 

A producer for the fundraiser has since denied reports of her atrocious behaviour.

"The UK Daily Star's story on Ariana Grande is completely false," Joel Gallen told E! News.

"Ariana was wonderful to work with, very gracious and a consummate professional to our team and everyone at the Stand Up to Cancer telecast."

Sources: Daily Star, E! News

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