Can't outjoke President Trump, so the Simpsons go medieval in season 29

The creators of satirical animated series The Simpsons, who once eerily predicted Mr Donald Trump would become US president, cannot keep pace with the comedy he is now inspiring and have decided instead to take the family back to medieval times.

Bumbling Homer, housewife Marge, troublemaker Bart, prodigy Lisa and baby Maggie, who have captured the changing face of America over 28 years, become The Serfsons in the season 29 premiere on Fox yesterday.

In 2000, The Simpsons joked in an episode titled "Bart to the Future" that Mr Trump would enter the White House and said his presidency would ruin the economy.

The Serfsons includes references to an array of fantasy tales, from Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings to Conan The Barbarian. - REUTERS