For new music video, Stefanie Sun takes the plunge

Mandopop queen Stefanie Sun overcame her fear of water and plunged into the sea in Taiwan for the music video shoot of her second single, I'm Very Happy, which is part of her new studio album, A Dancing Van Gogh.

Sun told Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao: "After giving birth, I was a bit fearful of the sea, but thankfully, there were no dangerous actions involved in the shoot."

Despite her apprehension, Sun's excitement over the shoot kept her up the night before. The two-day shoot lasted nearly 48 hours and took place on a hot day.

In one scene, Sun was suspended mid-air in a car before being lowered into the sea.She was in an upbeat mood on set despite developing a rash from the exposure to seawater.

The new album will be released on Nov 9.

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