New Face 2014: Aisyah

Aisyah Salleh may seem quiet, but she's really just observing.

"I like to hear people's take on certain issues and if I'm comfortable enough, I voice my thoughts as well.

"A debate is always fun to have during coffee sessions," she said.

But that doesn't mean she's a passive observer. She also wants some action.

One of Aisyah's dreams is to get a motorbike licence and ride a dirt bike.

The 22-year-old came close but admits to "chickening out" during her practical lessons.

She said: "I tried to get a licence, but kept falling in the course, so I feared for my life. And one of my aunties also passed away in a bike accident.

"But I'm planning to continue in a few months. It would make it easier to travel for work and school, since I live in the east and work and study in the west."

She also wants to get a diving licence.

"I went diving at Sentosa once and the experience was beyond words. I touched a shark."

This year marks The New Paper New Face's 22nd anniversary.

The modelling competition has launched the careers of models, actresses and beauty queens. such as actress Jayley Woo, model Vivien Ong and social media star Velda Tan.

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