New Face 2014: Amanda

Amanda Lim's proudest accomplishment is overcoming her fear of being on stage.

The 22-year-old said: "I decided to step out of my comfort zone by performing weekly gigs in public.

"It's an important life skill, being able to stand in front of a lot of people and present.

"In my industry, which is design, we have to do a lot of pitches to sell designs and products."

Her first public performance was two years ago for a university event. Two months ago, she started singing weekly at a bar with a band.

"It was nerve-racking the first time I performed. And with a band, I needed to tailor my performance to others," she said.

"I used to fear being on stage and I still do because I'm still learning, but it's a lot better than before."

But Amanda, who also plays the guitar, added: "It boosted my self-confidence, knowing that I was putting my voice out for people to appreciate.

"I also learned more about how to adapt on stage, on the spot."

She said: "Music speaks to me. Sometimes if I have nothing to say, I just hum a tune and it's a good way to express how I feel."

This year marks The New Paper New Face's 22nd anniversary.

The modelling competition has launched the careers of celebrities such as actress Dawn Yeoh, model Christabel Campbell and social media star Eunice Annabel Lim.

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