New Face 2014: Annmarie

Annmarie Pang, 22, loves cats.

When she was in primary school, she would play with the cats in her neighbourhood.

So when she found out that Singapore's first cat cafe was hiring last year, she jumped at the chance.

Annmarie said: "I've been to a few cat cafes in South Korea, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to work at a cat cafe here."

There, she was taught how to care for cats.

"Though they're not my cats per se, I really care for them a lot and treat them like they're my own," she said.

Annmarie added: "Cats are very 'human'. They have their own personalities when you get to know each of them. And when you love them, they'll love you back - it's a very simple relationship."

Humans pique her interest, too.

"I've been interested in sociology since my junior college days," she said. "It's relevant in the real world and satisfying to study something which I can see (manifested in) everyday life."

She chose her degree based on her passion and felt that sociology would also allow her to enter career fields she is interested in, such as events management and sales.

Annmarie was in the basketball team in secondary school and likes most court games, but cheerleading has a special place in her heart since she picked it up in university.

"I love how challenging it is. It's so much more tiring than any other sport I've done," she explained.

"It combines what I like about sports and performing arts."

Cheerleading has also helped her become more comfortable on stage.

On auditioning for the New Face after putting it off for several years, Annmarie said: "This is something out of my comfort zone and I had to muster the courage to go for it."

This year marks The New Paper New Face's 22nd anniversary.

The modelling competition has launched the careers of models, actresses and beauty queens. such as actress Jayley Woo, model Vivien Ong and social media star Velda Tan.

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