New Face 2014: Chanel

Chanel Lyn, 24, idolises her brother Teddy, who is three years older than her.

She said: "I'm lucky to have a brother who has taught me many things in life - from 'catching' Pokemon and appreciating the animated series of Justice League to keeping my spirits up on a bad day and not letting negativity get me down.

"He's the ultimate happy-go-lucky person."

The siblings are Burmese-Chinese and moved to Singapore from Myanmar with their parents when Chanel was three.

They occasionally visit their extended family in Myanmar.

Chanel said: "I feel more Singaporean, but at home our parents have instilled Burmese culture in us. For instance, if someone older than you sits on the floor, you can't sit on something higher than them."

Chanel used to work as a flight attendant, but quit in March, just before she began her university studies.

The same month, she began taking ballet classes, something she has always wanted to try but never had time for before.

Indeed, Chanel is the second oldest in her class. She said: "I decided I should do it now before I really get old."

This year marks The New Paper New Face’s 22nd anniversary.

The modelling competition has launched the careers of models, actresses and beauty queens, such as actress Shine Koh, beauty queen Poojaa Gill, top model Christabel Campbell and influencer Eunice Annabel Lim.

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