New Face 2014: Grace

Grace Ling is all about the arts.

The 17-year-old said: "Art is a very fundamental aspect of life. It teaches you patience and professionalism, and trains your mind to think conceptually.

She credits her parents for always believing in her passion for the arts.

She particularly enjoys creating sculptures, using materials like wood and leather.

"My father works as a commercial artist. I would use his wood workshop to explore different techniques like carving, sanding, polishing, sawing and drilling."

She also likes making "usable objects," such as bags, wallets, and mobile phone covers. And this love for creating extends to her fashion sense.

She likes fashion pieces that are "out of the ordinary", even if they are "impractical" to wear.

She explained: "Dressing yourself is an art, just like most of the things I do. Most of my stuff are really cheap, and I make my own garments too, which is something I'm really proud of."

On Oct 2, one young woman will be named The New Paper New Face 2014. She wins $10,000 cash and a feature in Her World magazine.

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