New Face 2014: Iman

Iman Fandi Ahmad has famous parents. Her father is football legend Fandi Ahmad and mum is former model Wendy Jacobs.

But that comes with its downsides.

The 14-year-old said: “People might think that I am very arrogant and ‘popular’ just because my dad and mum are famous, but I’m actually very shy until you get to know me.”

And her brothers are the ones who inspire her.

Iman said: “My two older brothers (Irfan, 17, and Ikhsan, 15) have impacted my life a lot as they first started following their dreams and I just wanted to do the same.”

For her, the dream includes modelling.

She said: “I’ve been interested in modelling since I was young because of my mum, and I just feel like it’s my passion.

“If I had the chance I’d go to New York and model on runways for different designers like during New York Fashion Week. I just love dressing up and trying new things.”

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