New Face 2014: Minook

Jun Minook, 17, came to Singapore from South Korea eight years ago with her mother and older sister.

"Our mother really wanted us to learn English in an English-speaking country," she said.

For their education, their mother gave up her job at the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) in Korea.

Their father still works in Korea, and the family reunites in Korea or Singapore during year-end holidays.

Minook said of her first years here: "There was a language barrier because I wasn't fluent in English, and a huge cultural difference.

"When I came, I was really 'blur'."

But improving her communication skills was never a chore.

"I like conversing with people and learning their different backgrounds. I'm thinking of becoming a journalist, or having any job where I can get to know people, instead of sitting at a desk for fixed hours every day," she said.

She also continues to help Unicef on trips back to Korea.

"My sister and I accompany our mother to fund-raisers and projects for the poorer parts of Korea."

And her ability to speak English comes into play.

"We have an advantage now because we can approach more tourists to donate."

This year marks The New Paper New Face's 22nd anniversary.

The modelling competition has launched the careers of models, actresses and beauty queens. such as actress Jayley Woo, model Vivien Ong and social media star Velda Tan.

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