No cheers, just jeers for Kim and Kanye

There's no such thing as turning up fashionably late during the Paris Fashion Week it seems.

No, not even for the A-listers.

Just ask American icons Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. When the pair turned up 40 minutes late for the Lanvin show on Thursday, a section of the crowd jeered loudly reported the Daily Mail. 

Kanye turned defensive saying: "Alber asked to see us. Don't boo us. We're not late, we're not late."

Alber Elbaz is a designer with Lanvin.

Then he proceeded to challenge his wife at the cleavage baring game. Known for his countless rants, Kanye decided to get things off his chest. No, not metaphorically.

He unbuttoned his black shirt to expose enough for the audience to spot the moobs. Somebody mail him a gym membership already.

Kim was stoic throughout, the former stylist having penciled in a smile that never seemed to waver. Watching the videos, it's unclear if she blinked at all.

Ah, the romance of Paris....escaped the pair. There was little love when on the same night, a Ukrainian prankster grabbed Kim and caused her to fall.

Then on Friday, in England, Kanye went into one of his meandering rants for 20 minutes while performing at the Wireless Festival blasting fashion and sports labels.

The crowd tolerated it for a few minutes before launching into an all familiar cry of "Boo!"

And yes, he repeated it again on Saturday. Turning up late yet again, he descended into another tirade before the audience screamed for another act to take the place of the rapper.

Just because you can afford the label, doesn't mean you have class.

Source: Daily Mail, Associated Press


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