One of the Backstreet Boys confuses Israel-Gaza with MH17

You'd think that celebrities would be briefed about what to say and be aware of some of the major events of the world, especially if they're traveling to that particular country.

Well, apparently that's too much to expect from some types of celebrities -coughboybandscough-

The Backstreet Boys were due to perform in the Middle East this week but had to reschedule their concerts due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

TMZ talked to member AJ McLean on Tuesday about the cancellations and ... it wasn't pretty. 

(From left) Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough. Photo: Sony Music

It started off well enough, with McLean responding to a question about whether the group's decision to cancel was based on politics or safety.

"Safety, and all of us have families. Now, you can’t even fly there. If they had kept the cease fire, we may have still gone, but you just don’t know and it’s not really worth running that risk," he said. "But it sucks for all of our fans down there, but we will definitely be coming back next year."

Then, he somehow lost the plot and mixed up the Israel-Gaza conflict with the recent Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tragedy.

"Women and children are dying and planes are being shot out of the sky," he said.

Uh, wrong tragedy? 

To his credit, he offered his hopes that the violence would end ... but it's anyone's guess whether he was talking about Israel-Gaza or the tensions between Ukraine and Israel. 

"Violence doesn’t help anything. But hopefully they can come to an agreement and see eye-to-eye," he said. "I’m just hoping that it ends sooner than later, before anyone else has to die."

Good on you, McLean.

Now go read a newspaper. 

Source: The Independent

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