One Direction tribute act 'attacked' by One Direction fans

You'd think that fans of One Direction would be happy to have as much of the band's music as possible.

But it seems the popular British group's fans take 1D matters very seriously.

Five lads from Scotland were such huge fans that they  decided to form a tribute group called One and Only Direction.

They dress, sing and even look similar to the real One Direction chaps. Well, "Harry" is fairly close, anyway.

One and Only Direction (top) have started a tribute band for One Direction (above). Photos: Twitter, Reuters

However, fans of the real band have taken to social media to attack the look-a-likes.

A hashtag  #STOPyouarenot1D was created for fans to show their displeasure. 

One fan was so incensed that there could be imitators that they tweeted that other fans should “kill anyone who tries to be like 1D”.







While many have taken the angry route, some have shown support to the tribute band.






One And Only Direction themselves have stayed positive and have even been getting booking enquiries.





The real One Direction has also recently caused a stir.   Band member Harry Styles made a lewd comment on fellow band member Niall Horan's Instagram account.

Styles wrote the rude request  under Horan's selfie of him sticking his tongue out. This was swiflty followed by another comment: "Please?"



A photo posted by Niall horan (@niallhoran) on Jan 1, 2015 at 12:56am PST


Shocked fans commented, asking if Styles really made that comment or if his account was hacked.

Many of them though have chosen to laugh at what they saw as typical of the cheeky star's usual behaviour.

Sources: Twitter, Independent, Mirror

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