Over 40,000 petition for Weird Al to perform at Superbowl

It seems a lot of people like Weird Al, enough to set up a petition asking for him to perform at the half time show at the upcoming Superbowl.

The petition on change.org had collected 40,522 signatures at the time of writing.

It was set up by a Washington State resident known as Ed Ball. 

Here's what it said:

For decades Weird Al has entertained fans, young and old, with his popular clever parodies and unique sense of humour. Having him headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime...would remain true to the standards and quality of the show business we have come to love and respect out of this prestigious event. 

Apparently Ed was not expecting the petition to get as many signatures as it did. He had submitted the petition after "enjoying a few drinks".

If it does succeed, the recent Billboard chart topper would join a truly illustrious list of performers at the annual extravaganza. They include stars such as Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, The Who and Madonna. 

The next Superbowl is still some way away though, taking place only on Feb 1, 2015.

Then, there is still the small matter of the NFL approving Weird Al to perform at the halftime show.

But we live in the age of hope, so why not?

Source: Change.org, USA Today, International Business Times