Pharrell's hat will be on display at a museum

Never underestimate a hideous hat.

First Pharrell William's hat stole the show at the Grammy's. In fact, it even prompted the creation of its own Twitter account that has more than 20,000 followers.

Then it was sold to fast-food chain Arby's for $40,000.

And now it will be on its way to a museum in Washington DC.

Starting on Aug 22, the hat, which was designed by Vivienne Westwood, will be on display at the Newseum.



Right after the Grammy's, Arby's, whose logo is similar to Pharrell's hat, had a hilarious Twitter exchange with Pharrell that went viral and quickly because an online sensation.

"(The exchange) was a remarkable moment in pop-culture this year," said Chris Fuller, the vice president of brand and corporate communications at Arby's Restaurant Group.

So the hat will be loaned to Newseum for a short-term exhibit as it resembles the impact of social media on a news story.

Maybe our hideous (yet adorable) fashion choices will land us at the museum too.

Report: Huffington Post