Pharrell's new music video has Miley Cyrus in it

Pharrell Williams released a music video for Come Get It Bae on Wednesday, and our favourite attention-seeking, cray-cray US singer Miley Cyrus was in it, along with a bevy of model dancers.

The video was surprisingly normal, by Miley's standards.

Yes, there was some tongue action, of course.

But shockingly, there wasn't a single twerk throughout.

Miley seemed content throwing out some kooky dance moves.

Still weird, yes. But it's the kind of weird we can live with.



(There's that tongue again.)

As the guest vocals on the song, she was hardly the star of the video, appearing only in the second half. But she made every second count.

You got to give it to Miley. When it comes to grabbing attention, she is the undisputed Queen.


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