Really? Kim Kardashian names her new selfie book Selfish

If you need any proof on how self-centred Kim Kardashian is, look no further than the title of her selfie book - Selfish.

Yes because Instagram wasn't enough to contain all her selfies, she is now releasing a 352-page book.

It's a tome that will contain... you got it, all her selfies.

Kardashian is so serious about her selfies that she spent her recent vacation in Thailand taking selfies practically every minute - some of which will make it onto her book.

She said: "I couldn't think of what to get Kanye (West) for Valentine's day and so I was like 'All guys love it when a girl sends them sexy pics'."

It ended up being such a good idea that she came with the idea to do a selfie book - and she promises some "super racy" photos.

So expect to see some photos like these:




The US$19.95 (S$25) book will be published in April next year.

Sources: E Online, Instagram

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