Robbie Williams falls off stage, breaks woman's arm

British pop star Robbie Williams fell off the stage at his concert in Newscastle, landed on a fan and broke her arm.

The Mirror reported that the woman had to be hospitalised following the accident last month (June).

In a video taken by a fan at the concert, Williams, 40, appeared to be giving the audience high-fives when he fell off stage. He continued on with the song, before jumping back on stage, seemingly unaware that he had hurt an audience member. 

The woman, Margaret Nash, 52, had to be treated by medics and was taken to hospital. 

It was also reported that the venue's general manager informed Williams' production company, which then got in touch with Nash. 

But Nash's daughter allegedly tweeted about the incident saying: "You fell on my mam and she's been in hospital with a broken arm. You never even said sorry."


Source: The Mirror, YouTube