Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie has upset this small British town

Remember when Kazakhstan - yes, the country - was so angry with the movie Borat they put out a four-page ad in The New York Times?

Perhaps these Brits will do the same, soon. 

Yes, Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again - making another movie that makes fun of a certain geographical entity. 

His victims this time? The seaport town of Grimsby in the UK, population 87,574. 

The film is called Grimsby, and in it, "drunks urinate from windows and mothers hand children cans of beer in the street", according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Pictures from the set of the movie - the crew is actually shooting in another town called Tilbury - have enraged the citizens of Grimsby, who have apparently said the crew would not be safe if they had filmed in the real town. 

The movie apparently tells the story of a spy forced to go on the run with his football hooligan brother. 

Judging from photos, Baron Cohen is playing the hooligan. 

PHOTO: Twitter / grims_by

The movie also stars Mark Strong, Isla Fisher (Baron Cohen's wife), Rebel Wilson and Penelope Cruz.

Sources: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Grimsby Telegraph