From sexy to dowdy: Actresses win fans and critics by ditching the glamour

She's beautiful, sexy and is famed for her sizzling lingerie magazine shoots in Korea.

Yet the reason Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye is now causing a stir on social media is because netizens are posting "fat and ugly" pictures of her.

She has surprised many with her meaty role in Korean movie, Chronicle Of A Blood Merchant.

With the help of a padded costume, she transformed to a drably-dressed and bulky 100kg auntie.

Oh!Kpop reported that the movie's director, Ha Jung Woo, was impressed with Yoon and told Korean media: “When I offered the role of the chubby and gentle Lim Bun Bang to Yoon Eun Hye, who has the entirely opposite looks, she gladly accepted it. Although she took on a minor role, I would like to applaud her spirit of challenge and flexibility as an actor.”

The shock value of Yoon's make-over has done wonders for promoting the film.


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 Of course, Yoon is not the first actress to play against type and dress down for the sake of a part.

Her efforts are reminiscent of Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng in hit 2001 Hong Kong movie, Love On A Diet.

More recently, Jennifer Aniston has won much acclaim for her enlarged role in last year's film, Cake. While she was nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award, sadly there was no Oscar nomination.

But the Hollywood actress that set the bar for shocking makeovers is Charlize Theron whose near unrecognisable  turn in 2003's Monster won her an Oscar.

Sources: Oh!Kpop, Instagram, YouTube

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