Sexy Fifty Shades-type fan story based on 1D's Harry Styles to be turned into movie

The Fifty Shades of Grey film hasn't even hit theatres yet and there's already news of a similar story getting a big screen adaptation. 

This new fan fiction sensation is called After, and it is based on UK boy band One Direction, in particular Harry Styles. 

It's been read one billion times online. Yes, billion. 

And that's why Paramount Pictures have just bought the screen rights to the book, reports E! Online. 

The Fifty Shades trilogy started off as fan fiction - fan-penned stories about their idols - for the Twilight stories, and will be released in cinemas on Valentine's Day next year. 


Like Fifty Shades, After revolves around a young couple.

"The male lead in the story just looks like Harry Styles, but he is in college not in a band," said author Anna Todd, 25.

In fact, "all of the 1D boys are in the story", said Todd, who also revealed she started writing the story out of boredom. 

Sex scenes

Does After, like Fifty Shades, have lots of uh, sexy scenes? 

Oh, yes. 

"There are definitely sex scenes. I mean, I was writing it for myself ... There are adult scenes in the story," said Todd, who is married.

There is, however, no S&M, which figures heavily in Fifty Shades. 

"They are regular sex scenes, but very detailed," added Todd. "It's the vanilla version of Fifty Shades of Grey!"

Source: E! Online

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