Spoilt, pampered dogs might inherit S$94 million

American auto recycling tycoon Ron Sturgeon's three dogs, Willy, Dixie and Lance​, are the envy of the dog world. 

The eccentric self-made millionaire loves them so much that he has said he might will his $75m (S$94 million) fortune to his canine heirs, reported Daily Mail.

The spoiled Spaniels are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their Facebook page, Spoiled Cavaliers, has 23,000 followers. 

A reality TV show, "Goin’ to the Dogs", is reported in the works, where Mr Sturgeon's wife, adopted sons and pups contest for his riches. 

Mr Sturgeon's YouTube account boasts over 500 videos of his prized pups. One video shows Lance apparently demanding ice-cream on his fifth birthday. Others show the pups riding in Mr Sturgeon's Ferraris and gobbling whipped cream while their thoughts are narrated. 

Mr Josh Davis, a social media consultant, earns $45 per hour to maintain the dogs' online presence, reported BetaBeat.

"This probably is the craziest (tech-related job I have ever taken). Maybe if the Pet Rock existed today it would have a social media account, and I could manage it. But until then, yeah, I think this is the craziest."

Sources: Daily Mail, BetaBeat

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