S'pore DJ calls dead mum's phone as she misses her

Feb 4 is World Cancer Day.

To increase awareness for the fight against this deadly disease, 625 worldwide events are taking place, according to the World Cancer Day website.

On the local front, DJ Rosalyn Lee's touching Instagram post has prompted many of her followers to reminisce about the loved ones they have lost to cancer.

Let's take a moment today to remember as well.




4th Feb - its World Cancer Day today. its also my mom's 11th death anniversary. its a funny coincidence, isnt it, that cancer took her life on world cancer day? here with my #innercircle and paying respects to mom. i always feel silly doing this cuz i dont believe in life after death. i believe that once you die, everything just fades to black and thats it. finito. so i dont believe that shes "up there" somewhere looking down on me and guiding me through life. but i love coming here cuz i get to spend more time with my brother @lahyen and the people i love @officialstar @justinvanderstraaten and @chewsoowei, which is always nice. that said, i do miss mom. not just today, but every single day. i miss hearing her voice, of which i have no record of. i miss seeing her move and i miss her smile. she was sad for a very long time cuz she had a pretty rough life, and her smiles though rare, were the most beautiful flashes of pearly whites ive ever seen. not recording videos of her was my biggest regret. but we didnt have smartphones back then, and we couldnt afford a handycam. sibeh sian. maybe this is why i take so many photos and videos and shit cuz lesson learnt. if you're on the verge of losing someone you love today, or have lost someone you love, my thoughts and heart's with you. the pangs of pain and the feeling of loss never goes away, but i promise that you'll still be strong enough to go about living life to the fullest. ima share with you this quote by William Penn that soothes me whenever the feeling of loss gets a lil rough: "they that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. death cannot kill what never dies."

A photo posted by ROSALYN LEE (@heyrozz) on Feb 3, 2015 at 8:36pm PST



On her post, Lee shared how she grieved for her mum: "I called her mobile number on a few occasions over a few years after her death, just to hear the ringtone, and imagined the possibility of her answering. And I would hang up after a few rings so that I can continue imagining that.

"Dunno who took over her number, dunno why it kept ringing.. and despite missed calls, no one ever called back. haha pyscho right? ive since stopped doing it."


Remembrance: Rosalyn Lee (right) with her mother Lee Kim Geok.