Star Style: The New Paper New Face's social media queens

Social media queens of The New Paper New Face alumni each have an outfit which is of significance to them. YEOH WEE TECK (weeteck@sph.com.sg) finds out more

Today at noon, the 20 finalists of The New Paper New Face 2014 will make their debut at the VivoCity Amphitheatre on the third storey.

They will be there to attend the SPH Shop & Win Challenge 2014 - The Great Singapore Kick! event.

And just before they make their debut, Star Style pays tribute to the social media queens of the New Face alumni.

Velda Tan, Eunice Annabelle Lim, Shine Koh and Asyiha Ams are among the most popular women on Instagram - collectively, they have about 240,000 followers.

Their #ootd photos (outfit of the day, for the uninitiated) are benchmarks of what is popular with young women.

And instead of asking them in for a studio shoot, I asked them to send me a photo of themselves in an outfit that is of significance to them. Because they have proven that they know how to work their own angles.



The New Paper New Face 2006

Tan left her role as creative director of online shop Love, Bonito last year and spent the last few months helping her husband set up restaurant Pince & Pints.

The all-lobster Pince & Pints has become the hip new food joint.

Tan, 27, said: "Now that Pince & Pints has taken off, I'll be moving on to my next project, slated to start at the end of the year."

Of her chosen outfit, Tan said it is special to her because it signifies her personal style.

"My style is feminine, but with an edge. I like piecing together separates and all-white ensembles, so this outfit really embodies my style.

"I wore this outfit to a Louis Vuitton trunk show.

"The top and skirt were gifted by one of my favourite online retailers, Fashion Bunker, the blazer was from Zara and my shoes were given by Louis Vuitton."

Her word of advice to the New Face 2014 girls: "It sounds cliched, but be yourself and work it. You'll attract the right people eventually."

Quote from 2006

"It has always been my dream to have four kids - two boys, two girls."



The New Paper New Face 2012

Lim just graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and is now into acting.

She is filming a Channel 5 series with Amy Cheng and Lim Kay Tong, is still blogging (www.euniceannabel.blogspot.sg) and was recently named an ambassador for Sunsilk shampoo.

Lim's chosen outfit is special to her because of Singapore's humidity.

The 20-year-old said: "I am a huge fan of wearing shorts as they keep me cool and comfy. I'd usually pair them with soft and loose blouses.

"I really like how it looks pretty while keeping me cool."

Lim's favourite outfit varies according to her mood and the weather.

"I love wearing boots, but they just don't work that well for our humid weather. Some days, I like to wear colours, other days, not so much.

"So I guess this is my favourite outfit for now."

Lim suggested that the New Face Top 20 contestants have fun. She said: "It'll be over in a blink of an eye."

Quote from 2012

"My mum's my best friend. She's the only one there for me. I respect her and I listen to her."



The New Paper New Face 2012

Koh has acted on TV shows, but it is travelling that is on her mind now.

She said: "I have been travelling quite a bit this year for work and leisure. I have not been very active in local dramas lately, but I have been filming for external productions and making appearances in several YouTube videos.

"On days where I'm not filming, I write in my blog (www.shinekoh.com).

"I will be starting my own fashion line soon."

The 24-year-old chose sports attire as her most significant outfit. .

"I got this top from a marathon, which I took in with my bestie, a year after she had recovered from a knee injury.

"When she was injured, I told her that I want her to recover soon so that we can join a marathon together.

"We made a pact and it really happened, so this shirt meant a lot to me," she said.

The top is now her fave for her gym training.

Koh reminded the New Face 2014 girls that "This is only the beginning."

She added: "Just enjoy the journey and most importantly, no matter how far you may go from here, be humble always."

Quote from 2012

"We help each other out all the time and everyone's really friendly. We even have a WhatsApp group, so we're always talking to each other."



The New Paper New Face 2013

Ams is still in school at Republic Polytechnic, but remains busy.

"I have been busy juggling school (internship) and work (blogging, adverts, appointment, meetings, events) and it can therefore be very hectic. Sometimes, even on weekends, I don't even have time for myself."

Her chosen #ootd comes from a new online store called Styash.

Ams, 20, said: "It was my first time wearing a premium quality outfit from an online store that fits my style. It was an honour to be able to shoot for them."

This dress is her favourite.

"It was probably the neck line that caught my eye. Since I have (relatively) short hair, I figured that this outfit would give me the elegant and feminine look."

And this sense of confidence will be important to the New Face 2014's top 20. She said: "Be confident. Be yourself. Stay true and give your 101 per cent."

Quote from 2013

"(My mother's) perseverance and determination are something that I always look up to. She's my role model."

My style is feminine, but with an edge. I like piecing together separates and all-white ensembles, so this outfit really embodies my style.

- Velda Tan