Steven Seagal dropped from music festival. Blame his support for Putin

Actor and sometime-director Steven Seagal was recently dropped from the Estonian music festival, Augustibluus.

The reason? His open support for Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

It seems the man famous for playing tough guys roles, in mainly B grade movies, has other talents, like doubling as a Blues musician.

Check out this promotional video for his European 2014 tour.

Possibly the second news point in this story: Steven Seagal is a singer in a blues band.

According to The Guardian, he was dropped after an outcry in the Estonian music community.

Part of the former Soviet Union, Estonia has a fraught history with Russia. Among the bad blood: a series of mass deportations to gulags, or forced labour camps, during post-World War 2 Soviet occupation.

Estonia has also called for the European Union to impose tougher sanctions on Russia, unless it takes steps to reduce the violence and fighting in Ukraine.

Me and Putin are best buddies

The Guardian said Seagal was quoted telling Russian news outlet Rossiyskaya Gazeta that he not only considers Mr Putin one of the greatest leaders in the world but also considers the President his best friend.

That though, paled in comparison to Seagal saying that Russia's recent annexation of Crimea was "entirely reasonable".

That was apparently the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. Event organisers unceremoniously dropped him from the line-up.

Well, at least this time he was not caught on a local news camera trying to dance a traditional Chechen dance.

Steven Seagal's Chechen dance
Yes this happened, and it took place in 2013

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