Taylor Swift can sell pretty much anything - including 8 seconds of static sound that hit No. 1 on iTunes Canada

Well, Taylor Swift's sound is certainly changing.

One of her songs which had the title "Track 3" was accidentally released yesterday (Singapore time). Guess what? It was basically eight seconds of static sound.

Reported to be a glitch, it still managed to top the iTunes Canada chart - even beating Swift's previously released songs from her upcoming 1989 album, including monster hit Shake it Off.

You can listen to the track here.

So which boyfriend do we think this "Track 3" is about? Any clue, Taylor?

(White noise) Okay, apparently she's going to remain silent.

Either way, this proves that Swift can literally sell anything.





Some people though, have questioned if this is Taylor Swift's foray into erm, experimental music.



Sources: Slate, National Post

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