Taylor Swift silences critics by donating proceeds of single to New York Public School

In what could be considered a move to silence her critics, Taylor Swift is donating the proceeds from the sales of her single Welcome to New York to the city's public schools.

When the single was first released, native New Yorkers criticised her overly-glossy description of New York. 







Things heated up when the global pop star was named the Global Welcome Ambassador of New York City by the tourism department.

Many New Yorkers asked why Swift was named the ambassador of a city she had only moved to earlier this year.

But hopefully this move will pacify Swift's critics.

And if it doesn't, she will just learn to shake it off.

Besides her new album is projected to sell 1 million copies in its first week - a feat that no artist has achieved this year.

So, she really doesn't have to worry about the haters.

Source: Time



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