Teen model who looks like Frozen's Elsa wants role in Once Upon A Time

Having fairy tale favourites like Snow White, Mulan, Belle, Aurora and Ariel just isn't enough.

Drama series Once Upon A Time will be adding Queen Elsa from Disney movie Frozen to the mix next season.

And teen model Anna Faith Carlson, who became an online sensation because of her startling resemblance to the character, wants the role, reported Mail Online.

She put out a message last week on her Instagram account, asking her followers to help her achieve her dream by using the hashtag #AnnaAsElsa.

The 18-year-old aspiring model from Florida dresses as the Snow Queen and visits children at schools and hospitals, reported Mstars News.

But she faces stiff competition.

The International Business Times reported that fan-favourites for the role include Idina Menzel, Dianna Aragon, Claire Holt, Amanda Schull, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Sources: International Business Times​, Mail Online, Mstars News​

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