Thigh gap peekaboo: Did Beyonce doctor photos to look slimmer?

Queen Bey's at the centre of a Photoshopping storm. Again.

She has already faced accusations of altering her Tumblr pictures in the past few months.

Now, snapshots of her in a bikini are getting fans hot and bothered once more.

The singer posed on a private super yacht as she celebrated her 33rd birthday earlier this month:

But eagle-eyed fans spotted a questionable distortion in another image. 

The picture in question sees the star smiling as she struts down the stairs, proudly showing off her bikini body.

However, the stairs between her thighs tilt at a diagonal angle. Proof there's a touch-up before uploading?

Distortions such as this are pretty commonplace when photo-altering apps are used, online reports noted.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Another less-than-impressed person tweeted:


Blogger Perez Hilton wondered: "Why oh why? She's so gorgeous, she shouldn't have to change anything about her body."

Some fans stood up for her: ‘Beyonce looks like...well, Beyonce, and all people can do is suggest she Photoshopped a thigh gap. Give me strength."

Another said: "Really people, if we could all Photoshop our photos we would. Let's just calm down about Beyonce."

In April, an image of the star playing golf during a family holiday - in which her inner thighs seemed uneven - sparked Photoshop suspicion.

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