True Blood musical to hit Broadway?

That's right.

Your second favourite pop culture vampires - after, um, Twilight's ones? - may be singing their way through fanged teeth on a Broadway stage soon. 

Star Stephen Moyer revealed recently that he and the show's music composer Nathan Barr have put together some songs, reported New York Daily News. 

“I helped Nathan with some of the songs and we presented them to producers,” Moyer said at the premiere of True Blood's seventh and final season in Los Angeles on Tuesday. 

“It is really interesting what he is doing and the music was actually quite good.”

Moyer's no stranger to musicals - he starred in the live telecast of The Sound of Music for US TV network NBC last December.

The 44-year-old has ruled out the possibility of starring in the musical, though. He and wife - and co-star - Anna Paquin will be focusing on raising their family. 

“It’s time for me to move on from this now," he said. "I have loved every minute of it, but Anna and I are laying it to rest.”

Source: New York Daily News