Sesame Street to bring laughter to war-hit children in the Middle East

The Sesame Street TV show and a leading charity received a US$100 million grant (S$134 million) on Wednesday to use the Muppets to reach millions of war-affected children in the Middle East.

The Sesame Workshop and International Rescue Committee (IRC) will focus on children in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq with a local version of Sesame Street, according to the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, which gave the five-year grant.

The project aims to reach 1.5 million refugee and displaced children up to the age of eight in those countries with storybooks, toys, games and resources designed for use in homes and in health, outreach and community centres, the IRC said.

More broadly, the Sesame Street programming, which will teach language, reading and other skills, should reach 9.4 million children throughout the Middle East via TV, mobile phones, digital platforms and other means, it added. - REUTERS