Working with wife on X Factor is ‘most fun’ Robbie Williams has had

English pop star Robbie Williams and US actress Ayda Field, 39, are living it up as the first husband-and-wife panellists on reality TV music competition The X Factor UK.

On top of that, the couple - who have been married for eight years and have three children aged six, four and two months - will be competing against each other to be the winning judge on the show.

The X Factor UK 15 airs on Blue Ant Entertainment (StarHub TV Ch 509) on Sundays and Mondays at 7.55pm.

Williams, 44, spoke about how much he enjoys his stint and working with his wife.

How does it feel to be an X Factor judge after years of watching it from the comfort of your sofa at home?

It is the most fun I have had in show business hands down, full stop.

I can't believe I have never done it before. In a weird way, the pressure is off.

I feel like I have found a new lease of life.

I love working with my wife, and it is just fun.

It has brought a whole lot of fun back to my job.

You said during the auditions that telling people 'no' was easy when you watched the show on TV. How does it feel now you are on the panel and looking them in the eye?

You have to be kind and human, but we are here to make good television.

It is quickly obvious and evident that as a human you can see only so many people before something has to be amazing for it to pique your interest.

I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and I am finding that with auditions, the thing that is worse than being terrible is being average.

You see a lot of average.

There is something about seeing a lot of average, maybe you can be a bit inhumane at times, but you can only do your job as a human.

What is it like working with your wife?

I got together with Ayda 12 years ago.

I was having a hiatus from the music industry. I didn't do anything for three years and I loved it.

I realised I just wanted to spend time with my best mate. Ultimately, I go to work so I can come home and relax with my best friend.

If I can go to work with my best friend, then that is the best of both worlds.

Do you think fans are going to get an insight into your marriage?

I know what my wife is capable of. I know what we are capable of together so we have just been waiting for the right vehicle to go, 'Check out the Williamses'.

It will be interesting for people to see us together in that way.