TVB actress caught in mall toilet with boyfriend

Coffee Lam, who acted in TVB drama Triumph In The Skies 2, was caught red-handed recently by reporters with Hong Kong retail heir Will Lam. 

Nothing wrong with having a date - unless it's happening in the handicapped stall of a toilet. 

According to reports, the actress was spotted entering the stall of a toilet in Hong Kong's ifc mall with Lam and stayed there for half an hour. 

When the couple exited, reporters were waiting for them outside, and the actress would only say that Lam was her boyfriend and they were "talking". 

Her employers, TVB, have come out to say that it is "very concerned", according to China Topix. 

"As an artist, this is very inappropriate behavior," said TVB executive Virginia Lok. "If moral standards are lacking, then there's nothing else to say. It is highly inappropriate for a woman to act in this manner in a public place."

Sources: China Topix, Malaysia Chronicle