(Video) Shamed celeb Rolf Harris' works

Rolf Harris' conviction on Monday of 12 counts of abuse of four girls has shocked those who remember him as a folksy Australian, sharing tunes and art with his audiences around the world. 

Actor Russell Brand catches the mood of the people when he said the verdict makes him want to revise his childhood.

"That's an integral part of your own life you have to look back and go, 'Oh right, so what was going on then then, when I was watching cartoon club and enjoying that stuff?’" Brand says in a video on his YouTube channel

"You have to revise your narrative."

Those who did not experience the onscreen presence of Harris may wonder what the hoohaa is all about. 

Harris — children's entertainer, recording artist, television presenter, master of the didgeridoo, painter of the Queen's portrait and recipient of three gongs (MBE, OBE, CBE) — was more than just a household name, reported the Daily Mail.

He was the person you grew up learning Australian culture from, singing along to songs like Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport or Waltzing Matilda.

He was person you watched in awe as he put paint to a giant canvas and slowly conjured up an image you would not have imagined. 

Above are some videos that show the enormous talent of the man who has been now exposed as a monster. 

Harris, 84, will be sentenced on Friday (July 4) and may spend the rest of his life in jail, since he faces a maximum sentence of 24 years.

Sources: YouTube, The Independent