Is Wang Lee Hom 'a diva' for wanting to change seats on the plane?

Se­­veral passengers accused Man­dopop superstar Wang Lee Hom of acting like a “diva” after he requested to change seats.

Wang was flying to Taiwan with his wife and two-month-old daughter after atten­ding a music event in Macau last weekend (Sept 13).

A passenger posted on the Internet: “Wang Lee Hom is a diva for choosing seats on the plane and asking us to change seats.”

Wang’s record company later clari­­­fied that the singer had requested for a change of seats because the passenger next to him was taking photographs of him and his family, Sin Chew Daily said.

Though he reportedly asked the passenger politely to stop taking photographs, the person refused to do so.

Sources: Sin Chew Daily, xinmsn.com

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