WATCH: Andie Chen and Kate Pang release 'trailer' of their baby's birth

We don't know how to feel about this.

Adorable celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang had an adorable baby boy Aden back in June. 

Five months later, Chen, 29, is sharing "private footage" of the birth. 

He posted a "trailer" on YouTube in late October, and directed fans to it on Twitter and Instagram today (Nov 9). 

While the video has no graphic images, there are a lot of scenes of Pang writhing in pain. 



Now if this is just a trailer, does that mean a full length movie is going to be out soon?

No word on that but we do know that Pang, 31, was in labour for 24 hours - that's 12 feature-length films right there. 

Can't wait!

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