WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper get eggy with each other

Forget drinking games!

This should be the new mandatory game at house parties.

Jimmy Fallon, who is best known for his unique games with celebs on The Tonight Show, brought on American Hustle star Bradley Cooper to play a game of Russian roulette ... with eggs.

And it might be the most tense, heart-stopping game the talk show host has come up with.

Other celebrities who've been picked to play the game in the past include Edward Norton and David Beckham. 

Both players had to choose from a carton of eggs - four of which were raw and the other six hard-boiled - and smash it on their forehead.


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Believe me when I say it was a tight game.

Find out who won by watching the video above. 

(P.S. If you choose to play this game, do not forget to wear visors with fake hair)

Source: YouTube

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