WATCH: Joan Rivers' 8 hilarious appearances and zingers like 'My best birth control is to leave the lights on'

RIP, comedian Joan Rivers.

The 81-year-old died in New York yesterday (this morning local time). A mainstay in American comedy since the 60s, she was a trailblazer for women in the comedy industry - particularly on late night and primetime television.

The hardworking comedic legend worked right up until her death. She was still filming episodes of the wildly successful Fashion Police and starred with her daughter in the reality show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows best.

We highlight some of her funniest moments (and zingers) in her long and successful career.

1. On The Ed Sullivan Show in 1967, she highlighted the differences between men and women: "A girl - you're 30 years old and not married means you're a maid. A man, 90 years old and not married. He's a catch."



2. Joan Rivers on her perceived lack of sex appeal: "My best birth control now is just to leave the lights on."

3. Joan Rivers was a permanent fixture during The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson throughout the 70s and into the 80s.

But she was banned from the talk show after an apparent betrayal - when she took a hosting gig that will go up against Carson. This year, Rivers was welcomed back to The Tonight Show after 26 years and it was a wild ride.



4. Rivers was well known for her affinity for plastic surgery and even made fun of it: "I've had so much plastic surgery (that) when I die, they will donate my body to Tupperware."

5. She walked out of a CNN interview because she thought the reporter was being "too negative".



6. On men preferring looks to intelligence, Rivers said: "No man has ever put his hand up a woman's breast looking for a library card."



7. Awards shows were more fun because everyone couldn't wait to hear how Joan Rivers would rip apart celebs' outfits.

Source: YouTube