WATCH: Marvel maestro Stan Lee makes K-pop debut at 92

If this legendary US comic book writer was a superhero, he would have to be called The Cameo.

He has featured in most Marvel Comics related films and has popped up a few times on TV shows like The Big Bang Theory.

Now, at the grand age of 92, Stan Lee can add K-pop video performer to his resume.

The man behind the Marvel Comics empire – and co-creator of Spider Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and the X-Men – harnessed extraordinary powers of cuteness for his guest appearance in K-pop singer Clara's video, Gwiyomi Song 2. (Korean for The Cutie Song).  

Gwiyomi is Korean for cutie and Lee gets his cute on while the videos end credits roll.

The dance consists of 15 steps and has proved popular in many parts of Asia, including Korea (obviously), Thailand and China 

Thankfully for Lee, he was able to perform his part from behind a desk.

To find out how he did, check out the video from 4:11.

The unusual collaboration came about after Clara met Lee while she was in the US for meetings. She then managed to rope him in for her video.

Well, for a master publicist like Lee, he probably did not need a huge nudge to take part.

As for the public reaction? It has over 630,000 views yet Kotaku mentions that the "dislikes" outweigh the "likes".

At time of writing it is about 2,000 for, about 2,800 against.

Source: Kotaku

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