Watch: Model's game show slip-up wins contestant a car

At least somebody was able to walk away from this blooper happy.

The Price Is Right contestant Andrea was given some unexpected help on the legendary US game show.

She had three chances to guess the price of a Hyundai Sonata SE.

After each guess, model Manuela Arbelaez was meant to be to remove the price tag to reveal whether or not Andrea's answer was correct.

Unfortunately, Arbelaez  who has been with the show since 2009 — absent-mindedly got carried away and continued to rip off the other the next price tag revealing the answer reported Metro

Host Drew Carey seemed quite happy to let Andrea go home with the $21,960 car.

In typically nonchalant style, Carey announced: "Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car! The game is over, folks."



As you would expect, the 26-year-old model became more-than-slightly embarrassed at her blooper and tried to hide behind the answer board.



No matter, Andrea seems happy.



At least Ms Arbelaez got over her embarrassment and made a number of jokes on Twitter.

We're guessing the mistake did not come out of her pay-packet.






And in one Tweet that plays on Dos Equis beer advert about the most interesting man in the world




Source: Metro, YouTube, Twitter


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