WATCH: OK Go's new music video, it'll make your jaw drop

Pop band OK Go released a new music video on Monday (Oct 27) for their song "I won't let you down".

The response has been, to put put it mildly, overwhelmingly positive.


In the four days that the video has been released, it has generated more than 7 million views on YouTube.

When you watch the clip, you'll understand why it has generated so many hits.

It starts off slowly, with them simply prancing around on what looks like a stool.

In case you're wondering, those are actually not stools.

Turns out they are sitting on a small electric vehicle called the Uni-Cub small personal-mobility vehicle (developed by Honda).

They then roll (or scoot?) out of the room.

That is when the magic really happens.

As the camera follows them, the perspective suddenly shoots up to give us these jaw-dropping visuals.



And finally:

How did they get these shots though?

Well the band said on their Facebook wall that an Octocopter was used to achieve those shots.


Post by OK Go.


We can't wait for their next music video.

Sources: YouTube, Facebook