WATCH: One Direction's Harry Styles help a boyfriend propose at concert. Did it work?

Tip: If you want your marriage proposal to be extra special (or if you girlfriend is a One Direction fan), get Harry Styles to help.

That's exactly what a boyfriend did.

Step 1: Create a Twitter account and send out an SOS tweet to the One Direction boys.



Step 2: Wait for Harry Styles to call out your name.



Step 3: Pray your girlfriend says yes.

(Spoiler alert: She did say that magic word).



Of course, fans of One Direction went crazy as they screamed in support of Bradley and his new fiancee.

And if you're not convinced that Harry Styles is a pretty decent guy, he even helped the newly-engaged couple out during a crisis after the show by giving them a ride.

One Direction will be making their way to Singapore in March.

Boyfriends of 1D fans, look to this for inspiration.

Source: Buzzfeed

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