WATCH: The Simpsons pokes fun at Frozen in new Christmas couch gag

Even if you're not a fan of long-running cartoon The Simpsons, you'll know all about their famous couch gags.

You know, the opening titles that change every single episode, with a new joke. 

This year, their Christmas couch gag nods to the highest-grossing animated film of all time, Frozen. 

In typical Simpsons style, there's a little sarcasm - the Frozen part of the gag starts with the titles "Now for the obligatory Frozen reference". 

The family troops in to their icy living room, only to find Lisa on the couch. Perennial troublemaker Bart throws a snowball at her, and she, in a very Elsa-like fashion, makes a large icicle mountain appear at will. 

The best part? Homer as Olaf the snowman. 

Watch below (Frozen gag starts at 1:12):

Source: YouTube / Fox TV